Ariana Díaz Celma

Autumn is here and with it some necessary getaways. Today we propose you a trip to Vienna, the perfect destination for a weekend or a bank holiday. Here are some tips provided by six lovers of Vienna through interactive videos, basic to know what to do and where to go. For example, Isa will give us her recommendations as an urban artist. Let’s go step by step.

Discover local culture with Erdem Karapolat Erdem, photographer and editor, is from Germany and has Turkish roots. He recommends:

– The Phil (Sixth District, Gumpendorfer street, 10-12), a modern café-bar that is both a library and an antique shop.

– The exotic Naschmarkt (Sixth District, Wienzeile, between the Karl Plaza and Karl Kettenbrücken street).

– The Dachboden (Seventh District Lerchenfelder Street, nº1-3), a cafe-bar with stunning views of the old city.

– The Badeschiff (First District, Danube Canal Square Schweden / Urania), a ship anchored in the Danube Canal, right in the old town. In addition to a swimming pool, it also serves exquisite food and organizes various events and activities.

– The Loos Bar, still maintaining the original decoration from the early 20th century, the work of controversial architect Adolf Loos. Erdem recommends to “have a drink to end the day as it deserves.”

Fashionable: A day full of urban art with Isabella Toman. Isabella is 27 and her stage name is Frau Isa. She recommends:

Jelinek Cafe (Sixth District, Otto Bauer Street, No. 5), an old and typical Viennese coffee house, for many a place of worship.

INOPERAbLE Gallery (Seventh District, Burg Street, No. 24).

– The Belvedere Park (Third District, Prinz Eugen street, No. 27), the former summer residence of Prince Eugene that today houses an impressive collection of Austrian art.

– The 21er Haus (Third District, Arsenal Street, No. 1), an exhibition of Austrian art from the 20th and 21st centuries.

– The Alberner Harbour (Eleventh district, Molo Street, 1), one of the Danube’s river ports with an outlandish industrial landscape, a setting for films and video clips.

Relaxed: A day full of art and nature with Julian Wiehl. Julian is the editor of the online magazine Vangardist ?for progressive men?. He recommends:

Daily at the Museums Quartier, (Seventh District, Museum Square, No. 1). This space dedicated to art stands out for its prominent museums.

– The Natural History Museum (First District, Plaza de Maria Theresia), which offers fun tours for children and great views from the roof of the old part of the city.

– The Art History Museum (First District, Plaza de Maria Theresia) houses one of the world’s most important art collections with works by Raphael, Vermeer, Velazquez, Rubens, Rembrandt, Dürer, Titian and Tintoretto.

– The Filmcasino (Fifth District. Margareten street, No. 78).

– The Motto (Fifth District Schönbrunner street, No. 30) one of the busiest Viennese restaurants.

Demanding: A day of art and culture with Jean Paul Vaugoin. The owner of a silversmith’s, this 30-year-old artist recommends:

– His business Jarosinski and Vaugoin (Seventh District, Ziegler Street, nº 24) specializes in fine cutlery.

– The Schilling restaurant (Seventh District, Siebenstern street, nº 31).

Spittelberg (Seventh District, Spittelberg Street), a Biedermeier-style neighbourhood revitalized with restaurants, cafes and bars, idyllic and romantic terraces and courtyards.

– The Imperial Palace (First District, Heldenplatz), once the centre of the Habsburg Empire and today the site of numerous museums, and the Kohlmarkt, the first site to go in Vienna to buy luxury products.

Demel (First District, Kohlmarkt, No. 14), which is probably the world’s most famous cake shop. You can watch the pastry chefs as they work.

Schwarze Kameel (First District, Bogner street, nº 5), a stylish bar and restaurant with a deli.

Heurige Hengl Haselbrunner (Nineteenth District, Iglasee street, No. 10), perfect for a snack with wine as a revitalizing tonic.

Wiener Lustspielhaus (First District, Am Hof), a tent theatre in the city’s historical centre.

Miscellaneous: A typical day in Vienna with Pilar Guillen Marco. Pilar, a 21-year-old exchange student from Spain recommends:

Cafe Gloriette (Thirteenth District, Schonbrunn Palace).

– The Musikverein (First District, Musikverein Square, No. 1), whose Golden Hall holds every year the famous New Year’s Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Brut (First District, Karl Place, No. 5), one of the world’s most prestigious halls of the independent German theater.

Burgkino Cinemas (First District, Opernring, No. 19), where they screen films in original version.

Prater, Vienna’s amusement park and her Giant Ferris Wheel (Second District, Place Riesenrad, No. 1), one of Vienna’s symbols.

– The Schweizerhaus terrace (Second District, Prater, No. 116).

– The Danuber Tower (Twenty-second district, Danube Tower Street, n º 4), Vienna’s highest point in Vienna, with spectacular views over the city.

Sustainable: A day full of pleasures with Violetta Parisini. This 30-year-old musician recommends:

– The Augarten meadow (Second District, Calle Obere Augarten, nº 1).

Karmelitermarkt (Second District, Krummbaum, Leopold and Haid Streets).

Bunkerei (Second District, Obere Augarten Street, 1a), a cozy restaurant at the Augarten.


Ansari (Second District, Prater Street, nº 15).

Motto am Fluss (First District, Plaza Schweden, nº 2).

Eisgreissler (First District, Rotenturm Street, nº14).

Joseph Brot Bakery (First District, Nagler Street, nº 9), the best bread in Vienna.

– The Imperial Palace and the Cafe Braunerhof, which serves as a concert hall (First District, Tallburg Street, n º 2).

Albertina (First District, Albertina Square, No. 1,, which houses the Film Museum.

Don’t miss the video below these lines! It’s essential to visit Vienna!