Ariana Díaz Celma

When it comes to talking about tequila, trying less than ten varieties isn’t enough. But everything changes if we talk about mescal, the Mexican drink par excellence, draws a big question mark in your mind. For us it was quite the same until the crew of Mezcal Amores invited us to discover the secrets of one of the most artisanal spirits of the planet that captures the essence of the country of spicy food. The presentation was celebrated at Mutis at midday. We were greeted with a typical Mexican menu, which we washed down with cocktails made ??with Mezcal Amores.

Mezcal is a drink produced from the agave plant, which takes 10 years to grow, so its production is limited and laborious. In the case of Mezcal Amores, the algave is grown in the region of Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, where for a decade it absorbs all its virtues of the sun?many of them aphrodisiac, to be transformed into high voltage liquid. After the jima, the extraction process, comes the decoction of the plant during five days. Then the algave is placed in an Egyptian mill and is grounded with a wheel-shaped stone, to later be fermented during 7 to 13 days. Finally, the algave plant undergoes triple distillation before being bottled and labelled. The label features a number and the date and signature of the mezcalero teacher.

Mezcal Amores was established as recently as 2009, a relatively short history if one considers its meteoric rise as a premium drink. The process manager is one of Mexico’s best mescaleros, Enrique Jimenez, who applies a family tradition that dates back 200 years. The result is a soft-bodied drink with a citrus aroma and slightly smoky, with notes of wild flowers. The taste is smooth, with notes of freshly harvested agave, hints of almond, orange peel and pink pepper.

If you are left with any questions, press play on the video above these lines to learn more abut Mezcal Amores‘ making process.