Laura Hernandez

My particular obsession with croquettes comes from way back, since that first creamy yet crunchy bite of heaven. So my goal in the near future is to have a taste of all croquettes in the whole world. And this is not a far-fetched goal. Every time I discover a new restaurant in town or wherever offering this tapa I can’t resist ordering it. Today I want to talk about Mendl’s, a cozy place located in Sant Antoni.

The particularity of this restaurant lies in the menu and the decoration. When you first enter you feel a sense of deja vu. It feels as if you had already been there because everything is reminiscent of something, but you don’t know what it is. After a while you realize you’re in a Wes Anderson movie! Well, in several of them: Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Darjeeling


Once there and after recognizing all the corners, you open the menu and here is when the feast begins. Croquettes are the queens! We chose shrimp with mushrooms, spicy sausage with Parmesan, foie with ceps and spinach with goat cheese. You can choose single units or an assortment to share.


Besides croquettes, there are cocas that are still making us salivate. We had goat cheese with onion coca and Iberian ham coca but, undoubtedly, our favorite is the classic mozzarella, tomato and oregano one. A must that is never disappointing. If you are still hungry after such a menu, try also some chips. We recommend you the classic version with bacon and four melted cheeses. And to round things off, order a dessert, for example homemade cakes and sweets croquettes.

Mendl’s also organizes exhibitions and sells second-hand clothes in a vintage market.