Cecilia Díaz Betz

If anything characterizes the AOO (Altercoses_Otrascosas_Otherthings) people is that they like things done here, either by them with their own hands or by artisans or small local manufacturers. Take a long look at their web or drop by their store to see an outstanding assortment of objects. AOO are also known for their impeccable and neat image, his collaborations with other companies or artists, and their modus operandi governed by the motto less is more. Well, this year it occurred to them that there is no better Christmas gift than honey and all its beneficial properties. We love the idea!

Stand up and applaud all this genius, or what is better, run terrified AOO to buy boats and boats Mel Gibson

But it can’t be just any honey, so they travelled to L’Alt Emporda and after trying several types of honey, there was one from Cap de Creus that stole their hearts and convinced their palates. They purchased from local producers and then they packaged it, labeled it and named it. And what a name! Honey from the wild and rugged Cap de Creus, with its quirks and idiosyncrasies, its dangerous cliffs and unrestrained winds bears the name of Mel Gibson.

“For a lethal Christmas, give Mel Gibson as a gift.” Please stand up and applaud all this genius idea and run like there is no tomorrow to AOO to buy Mel Gibson honey, the ragweed, the magic potion, the strength and the energy you need to cope with the holidays and the New Year! Giving it to your loved ones as a gift is a statement of intent. No matter if you’re more into Lethal Weapon or Braveheart, Mel Gibson is the HONEY you’ve been years waiting for. Well, nothing like a good idea, made with a good product, a bit of joking to make you smile and rounded with a perfect design! We are in love.