Cecilia Díaz Betz

The countdown has begun to the summer solstice, but the truth is that we’ve been gradually getting into the summer mood for weeks. We’ve already bought some summer outfits and a new bikini. We’re even a bit tanned!

we bumped into Chanel’s Méditerranée.

It seems that everything is in order, but no, we’re lacking crucial detail: the makeup. In addition to a good manicure and pedicure with a good dose of color, your face also calls for changes in colors and textures. Our skin and our mood need makeup suitable for the heat to highlight the benefits of summer. While searching for SS15 proposals on make-up, we bumped into Chanel’s Méditerranée. The Parisian firm presents a very elegant line inspired by the French Mediterranean coast that expresses “luxury, calm and pleasure”. It is structured through a range of shimmering, 100% Mediterranean colours: sea blue, lavender, coquelicot and terracotta and includes nail polish, lip gloss, ‘cool effect’ eye shadow, illuminators, eyeliner and moisturizing glossy lipstick. A sure hit for both day and pleasant summer evenings. Get yours here.