Cecilia Díaz Betz

Who doesn’t like that pleasant feeling of relaxation caused by the gentle sway of a rocking chair? It’s the kind of thing that takes you back to the past, images of our elders placidly resting on this special chair. Rocking chairs have been part of our lives and, far from having been forgotten, the sedative effect resulting from its insightful design—with gravity making all the work—is today reinvented with fun desings for all tastes, bringing them back from the past.  Mecedorama is a good example. This small firm specializes in rocking chairs, claiming them as a key element in our lives. Mecedorama’s rocking chairs have a careful new design and are built with new materials. Their latest collection, in collaboration with La Casita de Wendy, is a true wonder.

Mecedorama is a small firm that specializes in rocking chairs

Mecedorama fuses traditional building practices with cutting-edge design, a mix of “the teachings of Rogelio, a craftsman of the Colombian Guajira, and the style of Lys Villalba, Maria Mallo and Juanito Jones (alma maters).” The result is a line of beautiful hand-made rocking chairs ​​that can also be customized for greater comfort and aesthetic tastes. In the collection La Mecedora de Wendy, iron rods make up the structure of this special piece of furniture, covered with interchangeable La Casita de Wendy’s signature design. Take a look at the collection here and choose your favourite one!