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Mava Haze is María Valls. Born in Castellón and based in Barcelona, Mava is enjoying success here and abroad thanks to her collections of jewelry inspired by psychedelia and made with minerals. Last January, the famous trade show Who’s Next Paris claimed her as a guest designer, a privilege reserved for the few. Her designs create a colorful and geometric illusion that has conquered our hearts. We know she will give people a lot to talk about and has interesting stories to tell. We have interviewed her?

You were selected to present your collection at Who’s Next, a privilege granted to a few. What was it like?

It was thanks to one of Nuovum‘s pop-up stores at the time when they only had the online stores. One of the agents working for Who’s Next was here in Spain and saw my pieces. The next day they contacted me and asked me to enter their selection process. I didn’t think it twice, it was a great opportunity. A day after that, I received an email telling me that they accepted me!

Why is your brand called Mava Haze?

Mava joins the first two syllables of my name and my surname. And Haze comes from ‘Purple Haze’ by Jimi Hendrix. The late ’60 and early ’70 are a great source of inspiration to me on many levels.

What do you think Paris saw in what you do?

I guess originality and personality. Right now there are thousands of jewelry brands in the market, so I think making a difference is much appreciated, at least abroad?

Some people are inspired by other artists, but it is said that your collections are heavily influenced by music, by psychedelia to be exact. How do you transform songs into jewelry?

Music has definitely been and is a great source of inspiration; I can’t do anything without listening to music. Psychedelia?and not only music?was important to me during the creation process of my first collection Indian Love Spell. A trip with a group of friends to the Austin Psych Fest festival in 2012 also marked mu pieces deeply. Music makes me fly, dream and escape reality; I travel to other worlds, and that’s what I need to design. The mundane is very boring, so I think all this reverie is reflected in my jewelry. And my clients appreciate it, I know they connect with that.

We have heard you like to make collections from stories. What is behind ISI / ???

Behind ISI / ?? there is a story is connected to someone I never met but that I would have loved to. About a year ago my husband and I found the manuscript of a novel his father had started writing many years ago but left unfinished. It is a novel that chronicles the journey of an explorer through the Northwest Territories of Canada and how he entered in contact with the indigenous people of the region, the Inuit. I was caught by this fascinating history and culture, so I started researching. ISI / ?? is my reinterpretation of the Inuit arts and traditions. And a tribute to the people, too.

Furthermore, we believe that you made ??the lookbook with lots of love… Who did you do it with?

I am very happy with the outcome. I think it’s beautiful and different. And it’s all thanks to the magic team who participated in it. Photographs by Cecilia Díaz Betz, art direction by Atelier Cristina Ramos, styling by Veronica Febrero and graphic design by Señoz Gomez and Miss Swallow? The model is the wonderful Marina Alonso (Blow) Ruben Marmol took care of the hair and makeup.

I imagine that ?less is more? is not on your list…

Hahahaha! Well, minimalism has never been my cup of tea? I prefer ?more is more?. I come from a family of baroque-loving gallery owners? A chip off the old block, right?

It seems that stones are a key part of your collections. Do you think it will be a recurring item over time?

It will be. There is nothing more beautiful, more special and more magical than a mineral. Jewels with semi-precious gemstones give you energy and make you feel powerful. And the more I get into this world the more I like it and haunts me. Minerals have already become decorative objects in my home and I also sell them on my website.

Where can we buy Mava Haze?

Right now, in Barcelona, at Nuovum (C/Pintor Fortuny, 30) Store and Caravan (C/Fusina, 11). In Madrid at Rughara (C/Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 2). And then in some national and international web platforms such as Modbrand in Russia or Trendy Mondays in San Francisco. The complete guide to the shops can be found on our web. You can also buy my pieces there.

Your favorite hotspots…

My favorite store is an American online store called Bona Drag. My favorite bar is Psycho and my restaurants are Maians (C/San Carlos, 28) and Casa Paloma. My favorite place in town is the terrace of my friend Ivan, in El Born.

You can’t stop listening to?

What I’ve been listening to all day long, Dans la Tempete by The Entrance Band.

You’d ban?


You never thought you’d end up?

Being interviewed for what I do?

Good2b means?

To be FREE.

*Photos by Cecilia Díaz Betz