Cecilia Díaz Betz

Love for things well-done, nice things that exalt the soul. This is what the León clan is about: Paco, María and their mother. One of their great passions, wine, coupled with their altruistic and selfless spirit, led them to join forces with Vintae to launch a limited edition 3-bottle wine case with for charity purposes.

The three types of wines from the Matsu collection (La Pícara, La Recua and El Muerto) fit perfectly with the three characters of the recently premiered Carmina y Amén. The limited edition of 100 bottles signed by Paco León is called Matsu y Amén. A Tinta de Toro, from vines between 80 and 100 years old, aged in French oak barrels.

The Matsu y Amén wines can only be purchased through online stores and Bodeboca and Todovino. The case is prized ?129.95 and the proceeds will go to the Fundación Pioneros, which works since 1968 for the prevention, rehabilitation and integration of young people at risk of exclusion or marginalization. It should also be noted that all the people involved in this project from the León family to the graphic designer, the photographer and the people at Vintae, Bodeboca y Todovino have participated altruistically.

Want to get one of the kits and participate in this initiative? Hurry up! It is already available on both websites.