Ariana Díaz Celma

It has been a few months since the Federal Café stopped being what it was: a pioneering business run by an Australian couple who, after closing the gourmet sweets store PapaBubble, decided to open a bar with a cosmopolitan spirit. Just when it became a famous place, they passed the bar to embark on a trip around the world. But a restless spirit never changes, so they soon started a new project, the MAT. Located in the heart of the gaixample, this restaurant and cocktail bar seeks to enliven the area where it is located. This time around it is the Sant Antoni area, which plunged into sadness a few years ago.


The MAT is open in the afternoons and it is thought to have a drink and to enjoy some of the proposals of their short but delicious food menu, which includes cheese and cold meat plates and pizzetas, the house’s specialties, made with fine pasta and healthy and fresh ingredients. Our favourite is the pizzeta with figs, rocket and cheese. As for desserts, try one of their homemade cakes, which they serve all day long with coffee. A meat at MAT is about 20 euros.

But perhaps MAT‘s strongest point is its decoration, which is great because MAT is a place to spend time there, so the nicer the atmosphere, the better. Decorated with vintage objects such as old tennis rackets, boxing gloves and other rarities, the star area is the diner booth located at the back. Upfront there is the bar, half of which is on the street to make things easier to smokers. Both parts are connected with a cube-shaped kitchen.

It has yet to be seen whether the MAT will become such a symbolic and charismatic place as the Federal Café, but a visit is well worth it!


  • Address: C/Consell de Cent, 245, Bis