Cecilia Díaz Betz

Tokyo’s photogenic qualities are undeniable. Hundreds of photographers from around the world have fallen for his visual charm and have captured the city’s characteristics neon lights, the hordes of diverse people that walk on the streets and, above all, its very special aura. But the photos of amateur photographer Masashi Wakui are far from that, offering mysterious and beautiful depictions of the city at sunset. 

Get lost into the kaleidoscopic urban landscapes of Japan’s heart

Wakuy’s original style is reminiscent of the suggestive Asian scenes charged with chiaroscuros, bright colors and surrealism of filmmakers such as Wong Kar Wai, among others. Wakui takes us sinuously along narrow alleys at night in Shibuya and Shinjyuki. He makes analogical images that he treats analogically in search of that color gradation that turns them into extraordinary images. It is a pleasure to get lost in these kaleidoscopic urban landscapes and travel for a few minutes to Japan’s heart and soul.


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