Cecilia Díaz Betz

When a carpenter, designer and skateboard enthusiast joins an audiovisual editor, designer and creative advertiser, something can only happen. Mike Garcia and Angelica Fernandez joined forces to launch in over a year the Más Dolor brand specializing in wood design.

The leitmotif comes from skateboarding. Mike built skateparks for a while for other brands and occupied social centers, so Más Dolor is a reflection of the hard work, persistence, passion and knowledge and, above all, of how to recover from a fall. By joining their experience with skateparks, furniture restoration and design, they created the Bikiniskate, an original wood sandwich that serves to support your deck, and the Bikinibici, which really conquered our hearts. It’s the same system as the bikiniskate only that you can use it to hang your bike, the ultimate solution to avoid creating chaos at home.

Both supports, the Bikinis, can be customized, painted, etc. Más Dolor has collaborations with artists (don’t miss Txemy‘s contribution) accompanied by a short video of each artist. If you can’t make up your mind and you’re not good at painting, you can find basic and equally beautiful models: varnished wood, painted, formica, solid wood and even a vegetable bikini, a real hit?it also works as a plant pot.

Until they finish their new website and if you want a Bikini, write to