Ariana Díaz Celma

Mexican food is always a good choice, even more so if the atmosphere is groovy and that flavours authentic. María Bonita Taco Bar is a restaurant serving homemade recipes in a young and informal atmosphere that is becoming all the rage in Madrid.

The decor is fun and modern. The paintings on the walls are inspired by street graffiti from Mexico. María Bonita Taco Bar opened a restaurant in Conde Duque, with a strict menu and larger premises, and a second one in Lavapies with a menu focused on tacos.

The menu features cochinita pibil, carnitas and ‘al pastor’ tacos, but we recommend the taco of the day to try something different. It also includes traditional dishes that are difficult to find in other places such as pozole, barbecued lamb, rabbit mixote soup, shrimp or shrimp in brown sugar sprinkled with chile. All pure taste! María María Bonita Taco Bar also serves cocktails including passion fruit margarita and, of course, Micheladas with clamato, as it should be.

Authentic Mexican flavor at unbeatable prices (about 15/20 euros) in a modern environment. María Bonita has conquered us!


  • Address: C/ Duque de Liria, 9 Madrid