Ariana Díaz Celma

We finally found a most motivating proposal for Valentine’s Day. If you’re not into Cupid’s fussiness, you may be interested in this idea for a transgressive Valentine’s Day. Marc Jacobs has just released a small capsule collection of erotic festive accessories in collaboration with Zana Bayne. The collection features a mask and a couple of liners, among other things, with which to realize more than one sexual fantasy in the role of a most trendy dominatrix.

 The sensual collection was conducted jointly with Zana Bayne a New York firm specializing in leather, especially, is well known for its cutting fetish items

The sensual collection was conducted jointly with Zana Bayne, a New York firm specializing in leather known for its fetish items. This isn’t the first time we see some of their designs exclusively for large companies like Victoria’s Secret or for celebrities like Beyonce, who ordered more than one corset from Zana Bayne for her tours, as well as Madonna and Celine Dion. In this capsule collection by Marc Jacobs the accessories are made entirely of black and red leather with metallic details. The cast of toys includes a whip, belts, wristbands, a mask, pierced nipple shields, and even a whip. We don’t know if the launch has more to do with Valentine’s Day or with the premiere of 50 Shades of Gray, but either way, let the party begin!