Cecilia Díaz Betz

Those who don’t live in Madrid dream to spend a full weekend there a few times a year. There is always highly interesting things going on in Madrid, complemented with the cañí, open character of the locals and the fact that partying there has no end. Madrid is an ideal place to worship hedonism based on tradition. One of the things that always come to mind, and which makes us salivate, let’s be honest, are Mahou’s cañas (small glasses of draft beer).

They are one of Madrid’s idiosyncrasies: fresh, authentic, good and, above all, well drafted

They are one of Madrid’s idiosyncrasies: fresh, authentic, good and, above all, well drafted. When it comes to beer, one has to be serious. You have to know where to go because cañas have to be well drafted, otherwise let others drink them. In this sense, Madrid has Mahou “centres” where this great little gesture has become an art.

A well drafted Mahou caña has four key points:

1. CREAM (2 cm): That badly called dense white foam that forms on the top and that acts as a cover preventing beer from oxidizing. A basic feature that reveals if the waiter is a beer expert.

2. The CLOUD: This is the carbonic gas that accumulates under the cream, which retains its flavor and aroma.

3. The BUBBLES: Oh! The venerated bubbles, which are nothing more than gas rising from the bottom of the glass, providing the necessary spark to the caña. Like everything in life, there are bubbles and bubbles, but Mahou takes the cake. Unique in its kind, and it shows.

4. The RINGS: The final process, which will tell us if the caña has clearly been well drafted or if we’ve been fooled. If every time you take a sip, beer is dense and leaves a mark every time you drink, you’re in the right place at the right time. Your caña is a real Mahou caña.

Just toast with friends and enjoy your caña! The weekend begins with… #sabormahou

Mahou recommends responsible consumption 5,5®