Ariana Díaz Celma

Dinners are all the rage now, but this time is not just the usual dinner. Lunch Box & Tiki Room serves burgers, delicious sandwiches and spectacular Tiki cocktails. The passion for cinema of its owners governs the decor and the menu, inspired by the 50’s, the legendary decade of cinema.

The diner is divided into two parts: the entrance is green and designed to enjoy tiki cocktails, some of them to share up by four people. And if you like your cocktail super volcano glass, ask the price because you can take it home. We also recommend their smoothies, especially the American Graffiti and Pink Flamingo ones. The inside of the restaurant is decorated in blue shades. The dishes bear names such as Betty Page, John Wayne, Robert Mitchum or Steve McQueen. Enjoy delicious sandwiches with bacon, chicken, tomato, lettuce and onion confit; smoked salmon, mozzarella, avocado, lettuce, honey and mustard sauce? The menu also includes starters for sharing: chicken fingers or provolone cheese with pesto and sun dried tomatoes. Burgers are made with Galician meat. Don’t miss the Leonard Nomoy with guacamole, cheddar, gouda and jalapeno! As for dessert, don’t leave without trying their amazing apple pie! At lunch time you can enjoy a set menu for just 9.95 euros including a burger and a drink.

Quality, generous portions and personality set Lunch Box & Tiki Room apart from other restaurant chains of the same style. On Sunday brunch they celebrate the Day of the Tentacle with an octopus dish for everyone!

Besides this curious day dedicated to tentacles, Lunch Box & Tiki Room always plays good music: soul, rhythm and blues, rock’n’Roll, garage and outstanding guest Dj like Juanito Wau!

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  • Address: C/ Barco, 8 Madrid