Cecilia Díaz Betz

That food is trendy is no longer news. People had never been so excited, aware and participatory.  Although food has been exalted since time immemorial, it is but a few years ago that motivation has begun to grow exponentially and become widespread. As a result, good food and art are on everyone’s lips.

Developments and innovations aside, the greatest difference now is that not everything is acceptable. We pay special attention to where food comes from and smile when we are told it’s all local, seasonal products. We also want to know who is behind its production and appreciate the return of artisanal practices…

The aim of All Those is to inspire, raise awareness and connect people coming to create a big community of people who love food

This said, the aim of All Those is to inspire, to raise awareness and to connect people by creating big community of food-loving people. For Santi Garcia and Viqui Sanglas it was all pretty clear when they returned to their hometown, Barcelona. After years of successful experimentation and observation in cities like New York or Berlin, they realized Barcelona needed a push and decided to embark on this beautiful project. “We want people to be sensible and pay more attention to what they eat. In turn, we’d like to inspire more people to follow their dreams and start their projects. The goal is to connect and work with people who think like us to get the community to grow”. All Those, a community project, was born to communicate their passion for food, pretty much in the vein of Kink Folk, which extolls the figure of the artisans, chefs, producers and entrepreneurs to help improve their communities, putting special care and love in everything they do. From bakers that rescue tradition using electric furnaces to baristas obsessed with coffee’s optimal roasting coffee, young cheese masters who recover forgotten recipes or chefs who get up very early to get to market before anyone else in the neighborhood to get local and seasonal produce.

Although they started just a month ago, All Those’s website already features very interesting interviews and the community is beginning to grow slowly, so it is worth not losing track the project. If you love food, you will love the contents, and if you are also into design and packaging, All Those is definitely made for you. Visit them here.