Ariana Díaz Celma

For years, the meat balls with potato of La Bombeta?a legendary restaurant in Barcelone?have been at the top of the ranking. But few people know that the original recipe for such delicacy was Pepi, the restaurant’s owner, who one rented the place 30 years ago. Three decades later, Jaume Meudra, her son, returns to the Barceloneta to open L’Òstia, an old-style tavern with Sebas Matarrodona?a loyal Hoffman disciple?running the kitchen. Of course, Pepi, the great inspiration of the place, is one of L’Òstia regulars. So we are quite sure L’Òstia will most likely become an instant classic in the hood, and now we will tell you exactly why.

First off, it is open until late at night, in keeping with the hood’s ambiance. As they themselves say, breakfast is served to early birds, vermouth to the sharpest ones and lunch and dinners to locals and tourists. It is no wonder that L’Òstia is housed in one of the area’s historical building, located in the church’s plaza, which was the place where fishermen and workers socialized in the morning with a glass of wine or a carajillo in their hands. L’Òstia‘s star dish is the meat ball, which has kept the homemade flavour and texture that made it so famous. Another recommendation is their Russia salad, with less mayonnaise and more fresh vegetables which look organic. Croquettes and cod fritters are simple dishes that are not always that well done, but here the result is delicious.

The most traditional dishes come with modern ones like shavings of homemade foie, tuna tartar on avocado and salmon roe, and marrowbone parmentier with egg yolk and truffles. Add to this L’Òstia‘s interpretation of classic dishes including fried eggs with French fries, Iberian ham and Manchego cheese. Yummy! Wash this food down with a glass of Corazón Loco, wine from the winery of Barça player Iniesta. A meal at L’Òstia is about 25 euros.

The decoration is an actualization of the classics. It tavern-like ambiance is complemented with chairs designed by great names from the 1960s and with a modern day touch. The only negative commentary is a somewhat chaotic service, a flaw that is probably caused by the fact that it has just opened, though we are sure it will be solved over time.


  • Address: Plaza de la Barceloneta, 1 Barcelona