Laura Naranjo

Fans of Japanese food open your eyes because we have one of the Empordà’s best kept secrets. Los Secretos de Toshiko is Japanese restaurant located in a15th century farmhouse surrounded by over two hundred acres populated with oaks, olive trees and aromatic herbs.


The farmhouse More Coquells is where Toshiko and Fede decided to unite the Eastern and Western traditions in the same concept by combining different nuances and idiosyncrasies to provide customers with an original proposal including traditional Japanese dishes and the best products from the Costa Brava. The essence of the food of Los Secretos de Toshiko is the nature surrounding them, the garden and all products of the area, in keeping with the Slow Food philosophy. Toshiko has recovered her grandmother’s, her mother’s and her ex-husband’s?the famous film director Yoishi Say?recipes to deliver the best traditional Japanese dishes, always cooked integrating the ying-yang philosophy.

The menu consists of 6 or 8 dishes, depending on the ingredients of the day, and two desserts. Starters include Sembe (rice cake and soy), or soramame edamame, cucumber salad, wakame and handmade vinaigrettes, karage meats like chicken or teriyaki, tempura vegetables and seafood yakisoba noodles, marinated mackerel, nigiri sushi, maki sushi, okonomiyaki or Japanese pizza, tuna tartar sashimi and more. Enough said!


  • Address: Coquells ? 17743 Vilanant (Girona)