Ariana Díaz Celma

Cheese is a millennial delicacy that was used as a means to preserve milk. Its artisanal manufacturing has improved over the centuries, with new types of delicious and odorous cheese from different places around the world. Los Quesos de l´Amelie are great cheese lovers and they show it with a wide offers of selected artisanal cheeses made with raw milk.

With cheeses from France, Spain, Italy, the UK and Switzerland, this gourmet store has a bar where you can enjoy a cheese board with a delicious salad, cold meats or marmalades. For the most curious and for real cheese lovers, Los Quesos de L’Amelie organize private tastings with guided themes, for example ?Blue Trip’ featuring five blue cheeses of different intensities to wash down with Port wine or other sweet wines. They also offer courses for beginners and private tastings.

Welcome to the boutique of cheese!


  • Address: C/ Torrecilla del Puerto, 5 Madrid