Ariana Díaz Celma

Something dies in the soul when the Primavera Sound goes. The return to the harsh reality, the physical and psychological aches, the sadness of having to think too much… Now we have to wait for 362 days for the next one, anecdotes filling us with nostalgia in the meantime. This is a forced landing. It’s listening to ?Do not stop believin’ by Journey and you know that Dj Coco is about to say goodbye until next year. Cries. Every Primavera Sound is better than the one before, offering a unique musical, professional and social experience. And every year we experience more euphoria to the limits our melanomania and athleticism (all the walks and the dancing until the end are acts of heroism) and now our instinct for survival is in highly unfavorable weather conditions. But far from feeling melancholic when that double rainbow comes back to our minds, coffee in hand ready to party again, we are looking back to celebrate the best moments of this 2014 edition completed with a photo gallery, always better than words.

– We have officially become devotees of the Haim sisters. Theirs was a great concert and the discovery of the season. It seems that they had kept it for themselves for a long while because they are much better live than they are on album.

– NIN and the arms of superhero Trent Reznor. The darkness, gravity and power of his performance deserve a sustained ovation. The bass sound has erased some wrinkles from our faces, and thirtysomethings have recovered about 15 years. A necessary and spectacularly good revival… Next year we will hopefully get a few more square meters of space and time travel. – Discolure’s atmosphere and impeccable sound. We miss Moderat here but we won’t at Sonar a bit earlier.

– We asked for ‘Please Do not Kill My Vibe’ and he answered our prayers. Kendrick Lamar was great. Yo!

– The parade of raincoats, trash bags, wet T-shirts, and bags on feet, among various other inventions, and the consequent disappearance of bloggers, it girls and boys and other specimens. To hell with outfits!

– The most instagramed moment of the festival: the double rainbow and sunrise. We are such romantics?

– The spectacular closing of Dj Coco, better every year, with all of us crazier and happier than ever. A barrage of hits! – Chromeo’s bright legs (finally!). Lots of dancing in a packed Ray-Ban scenario. Stay tuned for our interview with them!

– Earl Sweatshirt, who seems to have left Tyler The Creator in line at the Odd Future. He came from Los Angeles and we love his twisted and obscure language.

– Darkside. The beauty of their mise-en-scene with lightning sets, a giant mirror and smoke, combined with a very powerful musical project? It was the best performance on Friday, without a doubt. Great Nicolas Jaar?

– The great Za! on the Vice stage at 4am on Saturday, teaching foreigners what a local band is worth. AMAZING SHOW! And with political slogan to boot! It was high time someone said #primaverasants.

– Fira Fem officially opening the festival at the Forum and aviding the downpour. The best, though we can’t really share this, was the great time we spent with Manu, Oscar, Pablo and Dani during the interview. Read it here.

– The Wednesday downpour that turned the festival into a pool and seemed to herald the end of the world. The crazy people who decided to worship the god of rain under jet of rain were actually really funny to watch.

– Finding out late that there was a minibus taking people from the Ray-Ban stage to the main stages. Yes, that felt like a bachelor party. Sodom and Gomorrah becoming a children’s reading. – Jamie XX’s souly session on Thursday at 04:20. Grooves galore.

– The infinite desire to kill Sky Ferreira, enduring under the rain a real blunder of a concert. Lost of posing and airs of grandeur.

– Marquee Moon by Television.

– The long and spectacular concert by Arcade Fire … Desigual clothes? (laughs)

– The crepes served at Moderna acting as life savers and Aladdin’t kebabs. Oh, and the octopus croquettes at Bouzu!

– Haim again: we will never forget the bass player’s faces, as amazing as her red dress. Bravo. – Disastrous bars: ordering a drink or a beer meant waiting for ages? A course for bartenders on how to be fast would not hurt.

– The Hidden Stage as best shelter for bad weather, but we missed Macaulay Culkin and his performance with The Pizza Underground.

– The record stands are always pockets of good cheer, laughter and real gems hidden in the shape of albums, posters and merchandising.

– On Sunday at BARTS with Juana Molina was spectacular, and the opposite version, the closing on Sunday at the Apollo with Ty Segall, an unprecedented party.

– Finally, just say that we want to be St. Vincent when we get older. See you at the Primavera Sound 2015!

*Pictures by Cecilia Díaz Betz