Ariana Díaz Celma

Remember when you were little and would spend hours building all kinds of objects and dolls with colourful LEGO pieces? Would you like to relive those moments with your children or nephews and nieces? Now you can thanks to Los Empiezadores, the project of one of Madrid’s best bookstores, Dragon Player, whose aim is to have parents and children have fan at equal parts.

At Los Empiezadores you can find all Legos you can imagine and more, from the classics to the latest SpongeBob Lego, and you can also participate in workshops and activities around the brand. The store also has Hama Bead, mini plastic cylinders that allow you to build pixelated figures of yesteryear. There is also a reading corner with the best books where the youngest will discover new worlds on their pages.

Guaranteed fun for the whole family in Los Empiezadores. Go with LEGO!


  • Address: C/ Lituania, 2 Madrid