Laura Hernandez

When food and art join forces, the outcome is usually irresistible. We’ve told you about BrunchcityLeurre du déjeneur de Benjamin HenonEating for Two and about smoothies with Pantone color palette.

Now it’s the turn of Lizzie Darden, a graphic designer with a bent for food that has caught our attention.

Our favorite project is Breakfast Flat, a selection of pastel-colored illustrations that have whetted our apetite: pancakes bathed in maple syrup; a plate of fried eggs with bacon that seems to be smiling at use; freshly-made toast with a glass full of ice cream that could well feed a hooligan family… Donuts are also present in this project, as well as one of the 2016 food trends, as the visionary Oscar Broc said in Mueran Modernos, a bowl full of cereal.

But if you’rte more into healthy food, you’ll love Eat Your Veggies and the cheese and gherkin sandwich, the delicious cheesecake, the exotic jelly bean burrito or chewing gum spaghetti. Delicious!

We recommend you to follow her on Instagram. See some of her creations below.