Cecilia Díaz Betz

We recently told you that LiveSoundtracks, the interdisciplinary festival that combines film and live music, could be realized through Movistar’s platform Artsy. Well, it seems like things are taking shape and work is being done to launch the first edition in our country.

The viewer becomes an active agent for both the poster selection process and the course of the event

Let’s refresh our memory first: in Movistar LiveSoundtracks musicians choose their favorite movies, create an original soundtrack for them and perform it live during the screening. As if this weren’t enough, you choose the musicians with your vote, and this is precisely what is happening now.

In MovistarLiveSoundtracks the audience becomes an active agent in the selection process and in the event thanks to the collaboration with Cooncert, another platform that fascinates us. The audience will nominate their favorite artists (from January 30 to February 15) and after selecting the most-voted proposals, a committee of experts will decide the definite line-up. So check out the bands now and vote your favourite here.