Ariana Díaz Celma

Footwear brand Sara De Ubieta presents the SS16 Límite y Forma (LF1) collection, “a formal exercise with material’s own characteristics as a starting point”. De Ubieta uses the mathematical concept of limit as well as topology, where the object takes a specific form, and geometry, where “a physical object located in space is determined through its outer boundary”.

“The shape of a physical object in space is determined by its outer limit”

This human urge to delimit and shape things drives these new models that present a play of opposites through materials: inflexible and solid wood and elastic and malleable knit fabric. By extracting wood and creating the desire shape by knitting, four ways to dress the foot were created: bandage, bag, scarve and scrunchy. The collection Límite y Forma (LF1) is available on the web.



Photos © Las Coleccionistas // Gif © Isaac Marín