Cecilia Díaz Betz

Future, innovation, cutting-edge design, comfort… These are the key features of the new Lexus NX, a new-generation car with a bold design and attitude which takes us straight back to the future through experimentation and transgression. Undoubtedly, its presentation to the world had to live up to expectations and express all that bright, contemporary technological innovation.

Future, innovation, cutting-edge design, comfort are the key features of the new Lexus NX

To that end, Lexus organized a digital art exhibition made up of a number of audiovisual pieces outstandingly expressing the features of the new Lexus NX. These pieces are a challenge for artists, each of them focusing on a different artistic discipline (music, design, fashion, etc.) to describe car’s features. Studio XO fuses art, design, new technologies and craftsmanship. Its work and way of understanding art were perfect to extract and reinterpret the attitude and design of the new Lexus NX. The video art piece for Lexus NX Perspectives crosses both physical and digital landscapes and challenges the conventions of the 21st century.

Nancy Tilbury and Benjamin Miles, founders of Studio XO, focused on the materials used for the interior of the Lexus NX to finally create 4 digital skins in a video that acts as an extension of the user. A true wonder you can watch below these lines. Follow up this virtual exhibition through #NXPERSPECTIVES @LexusEurope