Ariana Díaz Celma

Les Tres a la Cuina  is what happens when an Irish and a Mexican get together to make take away food. Anna O’Flynn and Mariana Gonzalez, two lovers of good food who lost their third partner due to motherhood, settled in a modest place off the centre of Gracia, and the result, after more than two years of life, is amazing.

Anna and Mariana use fresh local products (vegetables, for example, are from La Casita), which makes for very tasty dishes. The best thing is that, although at the beginning it was a take away restaurant, it became famous through word of mouth, which led them to put some tables for guests. If you find a space to taste their delicious dishes in situ with plastic cutlery, you will be a lucky one. The menu is 9 euros and includes two courses and dessert. To give you the idea, the last time we stopped by Les Tres a la Cuina  we tried a raw zucchini salad with basil, parmesan and lemon and artichoke aranchini with ricotta and herbs (it was the first time we tried this Italian delight and our taste buds fell to the floor!) as first course. As a second course, you can choose between pork with rodicchio and baked potatoes or smoked aubergine with pistachio and dates. For dessert, they serve tiramisu cake. Every day they post the menu on Facebook in case you’re thinking about dropping by or order one you can pick up before closing time at 18:00. Ana and Mariana have been experimenting with Indian cuisine lately and the outcome is outstanding.

At Les Tres a la Cuina  they serve breakfast there and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. They have a chef that is an egg-cooking expert: poached, florentine, mixed or in casserole with eggplant, potato and tomato. If you are more classic, you can always have the classic fried eggs or, if you love risk, the revolutionary ?not hard’ boiled eggs stuffed with avocado, mozzarella, basil and dried chile with ciabatta bread. We recommend you to wash them down with a Morrisey-style Bloody Mary or a Mimosa made with Casa Mariol cava.

Les Tres a la Cuina  also functions as a small grocery store selling some pantry basics. A total win!


  • Address: C/Sant Lluu00eds, 35