Cecilia Díaz Betz

Without going any further, last week we presented the latest limited edition model, the M-P 240 Safari Edition. Well today it’s the turn of a key accessory, especially if you have a camera as unique as this one, the case created by Austrian Hard Graft accessories brand.

A gem in the form of digital camera, with the body in a beautiful military green tone, and accompanied by a brown leather strap with a special pocket for cards

Founded in 2007 by designers Monie.ka and James Teal, they create accessories combining the newest ideas with craftsmanship and high-quality raw materials. Juxtaposing new ideas with good old-fashioned skilled workmanship using rich, premium and highly resourceful materials. Accessible luxury goods that travel between traditional artisan and future aesthetics. The Leica Case is a clear example of Hard Graft’s savoir faire. The cleverly designed case folds flat and pops up in seconds and, of course, protects your camera perfectly.