Cecilia Díaz Betz

Discovering a new artist every day from any corner of the world expands the soul. Today we present the life and work of ceramicist Leah Jackson. This Australian artist creates sculptures, jewelry and utilitarian objects in fine porcelain. In her pristine home and studio in Melbourne, she thinks, creates, molds and paints pieces that are reminiscent of David Hockney and generally to late-80s postmodernism. Her objects are irregular, all unique and different, with a personality and life of their own.

Leah creates from every-day objects such as vessels, cups and vases (we specially love vases), to purely decorative and sculptural pieces. And, of course, we shouldn’t forget about her brilliant jewelry collection, which deserves a separate chapter. You will fall in love with Leah’s shapes, inspired by nature. You will be hooked to her use of strong, bright colors that remind us of times past. You’ll be thrilled by the DIY air of each piece, which are exclusive and unique and create a natural bond with the person wearing it. Don’t lose track of her even if she’s in your antipodes!