Ariana Díaz Celma

There are many reasons why we support Lando so much. For starters, its New York air, leaving Barcelona behind as soon as you turn calle Parliament for the best of Brooklyn. Then its industrial-style interior design, which reveals its past as a car park. Secondly, the extra value it brings to the neighborhood, of which we’ve been fans for long but where we missed a little more high-end proposal without departing from the spirit of its local neighbors. And thirdly, the food they serve, simple yet amazing recipes with a top presentation. If we have convinced you read on because Lando is going to become your new favorite restaurant of the month.

The food they serve, simple yet amazing recipes with a top presentation.

 Lando is in the bowels of Carrer de Pere Calders, one of Barcelona’s hotspots. Their bet is eminently European cuisine with a great Mediterranean influence. The menu, devised with Chef Bernard Benbassat’s advice, is short but right, featuring bar dishes and set menus for lunch—two entrees, two courses, three desserts to choose from and a drink—, and for dinner—two entrees, two courses, three desserts to choose from and a drink—. The price varies depending on the week, but we can anticipate that it’ll be about XXX for lunch and about 35 euros for dinner.

Although the menu changes every Tuesday, you can taste dishes like three-coloured cold cream—matching the reggae flag—, an incredible rice from the land; vegetable burger with seasonal vegetables—we loved it despite not being big fans of non-meat burgers—, or mellow and crispy beef with sauteed vegetables. Desserts are as striking as fruit salad with curry yogurt and peanuts, or beets with curried yogurt and peanuts. However, if there’s anything Lando stands out for it’s the fact that it has something for all budgets. The bar tapas serves easy snacking, with dishes such as citrus-marinated tuna, marinated medium-grain chicken, sea urchin and potato omelet, spicy cookie crispy marrow or the always welcomed oysters.

Special mention for Saturdays at lunch time, when the bar becomes Lando’s center of activity. The menu includes egg dishes and a selection of homemade cakes. The word brunch may come to mind, but Lando prefers to call it “late breakfast”.

The honesty of this proposal makes it a sure bet. That and the touch of humour of Lando’s four partners, who is guessed when one enters the toilet and hears Eugenio’s jokes as background music. A must-visit before leaving Lando.


  • Address: Passatge de Pere Calders, 6
  • Timetable: L Cerrado ı M- J 13:30-01:00 V 13:00-02:30 ı S 10:00-02:30 ı D Cerrado
  • Phone: (+34) 93 348 55 30
  • Type: Restaurant