Ariana Díaz Celma

It caught our attention at EGO and today we have decided to tell you about it more in-depth. Eva Arinero is the person responsible for Lady Cacahuete, a brand inspired by the cuvers of women because, as she says, the femenine body has a somewhat similar shape to that of tasty peanuts. Lady Cacahuete  aims at making clothes but also at creating an specific lifestyle.

Lady Cacahuete  designs 1950s-style clothes with rockabilly touches typical of American diners and technicolour films. The result are femenine clothes that highlight women’s curves. Lady Cacahuete  is a Spanish brand that launches small, exclusive collections at reasonable prices.

You can purchase her clothes online or at the store she runs at Malasaña. Designs with a touch of nostalgia for today’s women with a fresh, natural and femenine attitude that likes discreet provocation.


  • Address: Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 26 Madrid