Ariana Díaz Celma

Last March the Lacoste L!IVE collection was launched in Madrid. Here you can check some pictures.

Lacoste L!VE presented its collection in Madrid last month. Here are some images taken at the event.

The Men’s collection is characterized by its vintage air, with varsity jackets as the base for the inspiration for the outdoors line. Clothes are made with cotton and nylon and prints are inspired by nature and the military style, updated with modern colours. Boy Scouts-style patches and an oversized Lacoste logo characterize the Ivy League style of the collection. The Nautical Life line is inspired by the French heritage: the tricoloured flag, a relaxed nautical lifestyle and Jacques Cousteau. The must-haves include a windcheater with thermo-sealed seams, a silicone logo and a navy blue washed cotton jacket. The collection is inspired by the urban hip hop scene from the 1990s, bright cartoons and Spike Lee films.  

The Lacoste L!IVE girl is a smart and dreamy cheerleader with a sense of humour that matches her elegance. Inspired by preppy college looks mixed with vintage and men’s clothes, classic chinos are embroidered with flying birds; the Oxford shirt gets a girly collar; the cricket jumper is shrunken but wide; and even the famous Lacoste polo-shirt gets a leopard print collar. Shirts are wider and feature pencil drawings. Another theme for the collection is the roller girl, sexy, feminine and pop.