Cecilia Díaz Betz

Labuenaylamala is a resident artist at Centro de Creación La Escocesa de Barcelona whose geometrical art has invaded the Studiostore gallery with floating sculptures, mobile installations and 3D paintings. The exhibition For Evergathers the artist’s most recent work, which can be seen for one more week. Abstract pieces of dynamic lines take onlookers on a visual tour around a geometrical, spatial landscape full of colourful energy.

The eminently self-taught, curious artist stands out for her use of color and volumes and for a surprising mix of materials, both symptom of a boundless imagination and a radical creative freedom. Constantly evolving, the work of Labuenaylamala focuses on forms in space and the movement they originate.

Evolving, the work of Labuenaylamala discusses the ways in which space and movement originates through them.

Her work is defined by an interest in aviation and kinetics with floating sculptures, installations, paintings and urban artistic actions mixing and using different overlapping planes and layers that create new perspectives. Among her more recent actions are the industrial chimney Fábrica de Creación La Escocesa and the Walk&Talk at the Public Art Festival of Punta Delgada, Azores.

Visit the exhibition For Ever | Window Wonder @ Labuenaylamala at Studiostore until November 15th.