Laura Naranjo

Labienplantá is celebrating its first anniversary. Located on Bruc, Labienplantá is a boutique that has become a reference for women looking for feminine and original clothes. In addition to clothes, the boutique also displays very interesting artistic proposals.

Ganni, Oxmo, Ichi, Beck Sönder Gaard and Nousvous are some of the firms Labienplantá retails. Adriana Fajeda, the boutique’s owner, has a weakness for Scandianvian and Spanish designers. Carefully chosen unique garments are renovated every two weeks. Labienplantá complements its offer with an exhibition of photographers, painters, illustrators and designers such as El Colmillo de Morsa, Deux Souliers, LoLou, LuceroLlegaste and Borne.


  • Address: C/ Bruc, 39