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Pepe Simoes, a Galician immigrant in Barcelona since 1973, worked for many years in the restaurant business. All his experience led to the opening, in 2006, along with his sons Manu and Toni, of a small restaurant place near the Clinic Hospital, called La Taverna del Clinic, a concept with a traditional soul but with an original product, quality raw materials and different dining experiences. The small tavern soon began to become known and have a loyal following, thanks to the wise contributions of Chef Toni Simoes and sommelier Manu Simoes.

Now La Taverna del Clinic takes a step further: it is larger and with new decor and culinary proposal. The restaurant has changed completely, although it retains the original doorway. It also keeps its original essence, which is positive for the less transgressive customers, although some may be shocked to discover the new dining area. Some of the most outstanding changes are the renovation and relocation of the kitchen, now fully open for the curious who can now see chef Toni Simoes and his great team work tirelessly and with careful neatness. The added square footage offer new possibilities: a new private areas and an almost futuristic, well-stocked winery that looks like a vertical garden, with hundreds of references chosen by the Toni Simoes, a true public relations that fills the restaurant with life and elegance. You’ll find decorative details with wood and organic elements and modern counterpoints such as metal and contemporary lamps. Chairs are designed by Phillipe Starck and the new crockery and cutlery are excellent. The new Taverna del Clinic is more sophisticated and modern, which also translates into more elaborated dishes.

?There is no simple product or poorly elaborated dish?. This is the chef’s culinary leitmotif. The menu offers more than 60 options that vary depending on the season. The best options are still the biodynamic vegetables and market fish and seafood. Quality rather than origin predominates. We recommend you try first Ceps Carpaccio with White Truffle and the Oyster Tartar. As for main courses, try any of the succulent fish of the day, although the meat proposals are also highly recommendable, such as lamb and beef cooked slowly for hours. If you want one of the private areas, you can choose between two tasting menus with different wines, a very viable and comfortable dining experience. And if for you everything is an excuse to have dessert, you will be delighted to now La Taverna del Clinic has its own pastry team!

An average meal at La Taverna del Clinic is about 40 euros. An excellent choice!


  • Address: Rosellón, 155, barcelona