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Located right next to the renowned Galería Carles Taché (currently being relocated to new premises in Montjuïc), right in Barcelona’s gallery hub, La Taché Gallery offers a space devoted to contemporary creation in a more open and accessible format that steers away from the elitism that usually accompanies art galleries. With a clear international vocation and a bet for emerging art, La Tache Gallery seeks to gather together different art disciplines in the same space.

 La Taché Gallery offers a space devoted to contemporary creation in a more open and accessible format

Initially located next to its predecessor Galería Carles Taché, active since 1986 and currently being moved to a new and imposing location, La Tache Gallery was established in 2012. It was born out of the necessity to create a new gallery concept, a new gallery for new generations centered on young artists, emerging art and singular projects that don’t fit in traditional galleries. With the aim of breaking with traditional limits, it is a conceptually interdisciplinary gallery open to very different disciplines, from dance to fashion, design, graphic works, books, concerts, small-format exhibitions, etc. Although independent and different from Galería Carles Taché’s, its program is supported by its trajectory and multiple international collaborations, its rigor and prestige in the sector and the path offered for the consolidation and development of young artist searching for a first opportunity.

Located on a first floor divided into three different areas, one looking onto Consell de Cent devoted to exhibitions; a luminous versatile room for presentations, conferences and the like, and an area reserved for the publishing world, taken care of to the smallest detail, with bibliographic selections to furniture and objects. La Taché Gallery projects a fresh look onto the arts, books and design. This is Carles Tache’s bet in a time of reevaluación and change in the art world.