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In a corner of the Eixample, between Roger de Llúria and Bruc, La Real, a small and intimate place hosts the most coveted burgers in the neighborhood.

In La Real street food is venerated and cutlery is a courtesy because it isn’t necessary

The image of this hamburguer place, located at 285 Carrer de Valencia, shows two hands forming the letter ‘C’ that say it all. In La Real street food is venerated and cutlery is a courtesy because it isn’t necessary.

From Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Argentina, the family of La Real wanted to bring their gastronomy to Barcelona along with their organoleptic memories of their childhood in a menu that treats 3 classics as high-level dishes: hamburgers, hotdogs and milkshakes. They realized they needed a place to find these star dishes, favorites of many, in one place.

So, these fast food snacks become gourmet dishes at La Real. The Latin American touch enrich the local produce and raw materials. Most ingredients come from the Ninot and Concepcion markets, located just a few streets away. The hamburger recipes were designed in conjunction with the butchers who deliver fresh chicken, pork and beef every morning to avoid freezing them.

Among our favorites is the Beef Hamburger in an aromatic brioche bun; 200 grams of meat, straw potatoes, fried egg, sweet paprika and Piquillo peppers ketchup. Yes, La Real makes all their sauces, like the delicious tomato sauce with alioli mayonnaise. The winner hamburger is La Real, 180 grams of picanha meat and a cream cheese gratin on each half bun, a great invention belonging to the family tradition of one of the partners from Caracas. Also noteworthy is a veggie burger, regular or fried, with chickpeas and quinoa, avocado hummus, pickled beets, canons, tomato and purple onion.

Hotdogs come in three versions that express La Real’s philosophy. The first and most faithful to the Venezuelan foodtrucks is the classic hotdog with homemade sausage, onion hash and pickles, chips, the indispensable trio of sauces and bacon powder – yes, that magic thing exists. Climbing north, the Chilli Dog is the most American version of the menu. The Spanish version comes with sausage, Piquillo alioli and green sauce.

Best of all, you can choose between French fries or a bowl of mashed potatoes with truffled parmesan cream.

Prior to the lustful desserts, we must mention their entrees, in particular the original nachos with chilli casserole. The totopos, the cheese, the avocado and the meat are served separately so totopos are always crunchy.

The ice cream on the menu – vanilla and pistachio – comes from the nearby Oggi Gelato. It covers chocolate chip cookies filled with Nutella also made in a nearby pastry shop. Desserts also include red fruit, Jijona nougat or Oreo milkshakes. Very hard to resist!

La Real is a gourmet hamburger bar for everyone with a simple menu that hides very elaborate and delicious dishes.


  • Address: Carrer de Valencia, 285
  • Timetable: L-J de 13:00h-16:30h y de 20:00h-23:30h / V-S de 13:00-16:30 y de 20:00h-00:00h
  • Phone: 938 32 86 94
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Website: