Cecilia Díaz Betz

The Jardinets de Grácia (dedicated to the poet and playwright Salvador Espriu since 1991) are an emblematic landmark in Barcelona, a small but highly symbolic location that elegantly announces the beginning of Grácia, leaving the majestic Passeig de Gràcia behind. Right there, three prominent restaurants meet: the Casa Fuster Hotel, Palauet and Paco Perez’s L’Eggs. However, the feeling one gets when visiting this classic Barcelona garden is that it somehow wanted to become upscale, making the public gardens too exclusive or excluding for ordinary citizens.


However, things have stated to change thanks to Casa Grácia, an 800m2 gastrocultural multispace that includes a luxury hostel with over 140 rooms. It has suddenly rejuvenated and regenerated the atmosphere as if by magic. Residents of Barrio de Grácia and the rest of the city, as well as travellers from around the world who seek to “live, breathe, eat and sleep as if they were home as they discover local talent and creativity,” are now coming to the Jardinets de Grácia. A new member who has nothing to envy its colleagues in prestige or majesty also brings many new and positive things. Chapeau! We have now a poker of aces!

Things have stated to change thanks to Casa Grácia, an 800m2 gastrocultural multispace that includes a luxury hostel with over 140 rooms

Located in a renovated modernist building, this multidisciplinary art space, offers an active program featuring happenings, workshops, concerts, exhibitions and other events. A program that is complemented by a very successful gastronomic offer at La Paisana, a restaurant whose aim, from breakfast to cocktails, it to make you feel at home. The food is made with local ingredients, thought it sets itself apart by mixing it with more international flavours, an innovation that places it in a superior category. Its excellent value for money brings it back to the real world creating a loyal clientele.


The menu includes traditional, locally-flavoured, granny-inspired tapas with a contemporary and exotic touch: smoked sardines with spinach, watermelon, avocado cream and basil, the exquisite grilled octopus with smoked potato and red mojo, and the infallible cod fritters with honey and lemon. As a second course, we highlight Iberian pork with pickled vegetables, celery and apple puree; starred eggs with ratatouille and the menu’s two stars: monkfish suquet with aniseed-flavoured potato, shrimp and snow peas and cheek beef cooked at a low temperature with rustic potato. You can assume the biggest problem will be deciding which dish to choose.

As for desserts and cocktails—there’s also a cocktail bar downstairs called BIS which deserves a different review—the mató flan with pine nuts-and-honey ice cream with a premium gin and tonic are a great reason to drop by and have a sweet experience until closing time. As they say at La Paisana: “This is for veggies, carnivores, foodies, wine lovers, gintonic lovers, cocktail lover and for all those who all who seek to enjoy a meal or a drink that is mora than intragramable”.