Cecilia Díaz Betz

Renew or die. The legendary Pla del Palau restaurant, the NegroCarbón, was renovated by its founders, Argentines Julian and Mariela. It was clear for them from the start: with good ideas and hard work, no one can resists the temptation of eating grilled Argentine meat and gourmet hamburgers, real gifts for the most demanding palates. The inauguration of the new season comes with a new menu including a delicious selection of cocktails. The goal is to continue offering the same quality with 100 percent natural products and to encourage us to extend the evenings in a very tempting atmospheres with real good drinks and music. Their close and casual service will make you feel at home.

The new NegroCarbón is a place to feel comfortable. The new décor is more loyal its original roots with a mixture of fluorescent tones and a geometric and colorful style so typical of the ’90s, a new bar and a much larger dining room with tables reminiscent of traditional wooden Argentine steakhouses but with a touch of Barcelona chic. Warm lighting for the day and fuchsia and yellow at night?

The menu features the Argentine barbecue and all its gourmet accessories. As starters we recommend sweetbreads, excellently marinated in lemon and with that roasted touch that makes them unique. Another very suitable option for sharing is the classic grilled provolone cheese with a touch of oregano, basil and tomatoes that make it irresistible. And now comes the Argentina barbeque, with the strip still being a full-fledged hit. Order it medium so you can enjoy taste of 100% natural beef. Of course, the homemade burgers are also a safe bet, and among the new features there is a lamb burger that is maddening. To accompany the bacchanal, we recommend you to choose a good red wine (the house wines are amazing). The climax comes with desserts: dulce de leche pancake with caramel and ice cream are a must.

At NegroCarbón you will find a friendly atmosphere, a great service, great honesty in their dishes and a very good value for money. Portions are generous, ideal for sharing and for just one very hungry person. NegroCarbón is ideal now that summer is here for a beach and to escape the overcrowded Barceloneta and Borne areas. It is right in the middle, a must!

The average price per person is around 25?.


  • Address: Pla del Palau, 16, Barcelona