Ariana Díaz Celma

No one doubts today that Spain boasts a rich gastronomy and a wide range of top-quality products. Valencian rices, Andalusian fish, Asturian cheeses, Galician liquor, Extremadura’s cold cuts, Castilian meats, Catalan sweets and… Navarra, whose produce can now be enjoyed at La Navarrería.

Are you a lover of healthy, pure food? Íñigo Orla restaurant has what you were looking for!

Located in the Salamanca district, it is run by chef Íñigo Orla—former chef of My Veg, in Malasaña— who has adapted Navarra’s traditional dishes to the tastes of the big city.

At La Navarrería, Orla proposes a product belonging to one of the first seven months of the year around which the menu revolves. This is a fun way to pay tribute to leafy vegetables, seasonal vegetables (mainly), meat and fish. The menu features cream truffled with thistle, mushrooms and Piparra chilies; Sangüesa white beans with cockles and chin bacon; fried Tudela artichokes fried with lime and parmesan cheese, grilled squid with avocado tartar, tomato and chives or pork feet stuffed with cabbage and Iberian ham with almond sauce and chicken fricassee.

As for desserts, try the apple millefeuille apple with vanilla ice cream and for drinking, pick the Garnacha by Artadi or Zorzal Graciano to have a real taste of Navarra.


  • Address: c/Lagasca, 103
  • Timetable: L-S: 13,00h a 16,00h y de 20,00h a 23,00h D: 13,00h a 16,00h
  • Phone: 915 62 88 97
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Website: