Ariana Díaz Celma

Pizza al taglio gourmet? We too were surprised when we heard it, but we can tell such a concept has finally landed in Barcelona to save football nights with friends with an empty fridge. The site in question is located in Sarria and it’s a must for lovers of pizza.

La Fermata occupies a coquettish place decorated by architectural study Costa + 2. They have turned it into a cosy trattoria-style takeaway Italian restaurant with a New York-like industrial air. The name?The Stop in English?reflects the aim of its founders: to open several restaurants around Barcelona. After tasting their pizzas, we’re quite sure they will achieve their goal.

All pizzas come in tegglias, stainless steel trays divided into several 20cm-wide servings that can be as long as you choose. The dough is made daily and allowed to ferment for up to 72 hours, which makes it lightweight and doesn’t ferment in the stomach. Its spongy, crispy base left us pretty surprised. Although by definition it’s good to order the classic margarita or the pizza with mushrooms, ham and cheese, trying one of their gourmet varieties is a must. We recommend you to have a pizza with a potato base with pesto sauce, grated parmesan and basil; pizza with caramelized onion and goat cheese with honey; pizza with truffle and speck; pizza with scamorza (smoked cheese), mushrooms and tomato with a touch of mayonnaise; pizza with sobrasada, goat cheese and honey; pizza with cherry tomato, anchovies and black olives or pizza with blood sausage or with fried eggs and sausage. It sounds good but tastes even better!

One of the goals of La Fermata when it opened in April 2013 was to change the weight kilo so that customers could buy the amount they liked and try many flavours. A bit like tapas but with Italian pizza. Prices range from 10 euros/kg to 30euros/kg for gourmet pizzas.

Alessio, the chef, made us happy so we can only say: Eat pizza all day long!


  • Address: C/Major de Sarrià, 2-4