Ariana Díaz Celma

When olive oil is infinite. And if there is someone still not sure about the omnipresent character of this substance, just drop by La Chinata, a oleotheque established 80 years ago to provide a series of gourmet and cosmetics products made with extra virgin olive oil, the basic Mediterranean ingredient.

Now La Chinata has opened a store at the Raval, a beautiful bare brick shop to retail the firm’s nicely packaged products. Sybarites will find here a little paradise with honeys, salts, marmalades, pates, all kinds of condiments and, of course, a wide range of oils. La Chinata also retails chocolates and chocolate creams, jams and other gourmet sweets. Olive oils are available in different olive varieties (sweet, mature and intense) or flavoured with basil; chilli pepper, laurel and pepper, or with boletus edulis. They are packed in containers, cans or crystal bottles.

Over at La Chinata they know olive oil is a basic ingredient for our health and wellbeing. The firm’s cosmetic line is made with olive oil and features a full range of products for men, women and babies, including face and hair masks, soaps, peelings, face and body moisturises, cologne, body oil, mild shampoos, etc. Prices are affordable, ranging from 3 to 20 euros.



  • Address: C/Dels Àngels, 20