Bru Romero

With such gastronomic variety, we have forgotten about simplicity. We want to be sophisticated, always at the forefront, with menus featuring more than five dishes, but whatever happened to the sandwiches our mothers/grannies made that gave us a breath of life? No worries. We have found the perfect place to enjoy them! La Casa Tomada is located in Malasaña, outside the main shopping strip, a place with lots of history and the mecca for lovers of bocadillos. The menu features 17 specialties with bread and lots of love from the Del Pozo brothers. La Casa Tomada is a must if you’re into gourmet bocadillos and street gastronomy, a fashionable trend in Venezuela, where the owners are from.

La Casa Tomada, localed in Malasaña, is the mecca for lovers of bocadillos

Besides bocadillos, there are also wonderful dishes such as Chilli Cheese Fries, the best among their root vegetables proposals, as well as hot dogs.Here the amount of food is more than what’s politically correct, but it’s so good we finished it all and thanked chef José Antonio for being so generous.

To wash down these deluxe meals, the drinks list offers craft beers: CibelesHop FictionBeavertown and Mustache. Order one to savour the craziest combinations that melt in your mouth. My favourite? The Imperial PhillyDo you fancy a sandwich?

ncy a sandwich?


  • Address: c/San Lorenzo, 9
  • Timetable: M-D: 13,00h a 19,00h y 20,00h a 00,00h
  • Phone: 915 13 84 48
  • Type: Restaurant