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At a time when modernity, deconstruction, chemistry and gastronomic madness are present in kitchens all over the world, it strikes as a bit weird to talk about traditions, moderation, perfect cooking or the absolute respect for the produce bought in the market. Nowadays, one must stop and think for second what’s on the plate in front. Many of the innovations we know today come from those restaurants with pedigree where so many of the talented chefs we now today worked and perfected their trade. La Ancha is a restaurant of masters… in the art of making others happy.

La Ancha is a refined brand with two restaurants, one on Calle Zorrilla and a second one on Calle Prince of Vergara

Few restaurants can celebrate their 90th anniversary. This is a feat the Redruello family like to boast about, which is completely understandable. La Ancha is a refined brand with two restaurants, one on Calle Zorrilla and a second one on Calle Prince of Vergara. In the latter, a classic dining area with elements of 40s Spanish and French decoration styles, seems not to have experienced the passing of time, leads to a second, much more modern dining room with a terrace that is open all year round.

Here at Príncipe de Vergara, raw seasonal materials are mixed, combined and seasoned as our grandparents did. The menu features starters such as crab salad, aubergines stuffed with banana, Pisto Manchego, prawns with garlic, boletus edulis with straw potatoes, ham and fried eggs, and scrambled eggs with morcilla. The first courses deserve the applause of the diner, as also do the second courses, which include garlic soup, hake dices in cuttlefish sauce, emperor in crab sauce, roast fillets, lamb chops, grilled white beef steak and, here comes the star meat dish, the Armando escalope, the closest thing to a cachopo size-wise.

Eating at La Ancha leaves you completely satiated and satisfied, and ready to appreciate the precepts of a cuisine that has always been there and which many Michelin-star holders are in debt with. And all this thanks to chef Nino Redruello and his family.


  • Address: c/Príncipe de Vergara, 204
  • Timetable: L-S: 13,30h a 15,30h y 20,30h a 23,00h
  • Phone: 915 63 89 77
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Website: