Cecilia Díaz Betz

From Sweden comes a new cosmetic firm worth taking a look at: L:A Bruket offers natural products made ??with certified organic ingredients for all skin types, unisex and designed for a relaxing and pleasant experience. The brand, founded in 2009, reflects Swedish lifestyle and environmental awareness. Besides body, facial and spa treatment lines, it also offers products for the home. We know you’ll love its texture and flavors, so read on…

Places with extreme climates call for a special and conscious skin care. This is the case of Sweden’s west coast, where L:A Bruket is based. Low temperatures mixed with a relentless sun damage the skin, so their products are specially designed to cope with bad weather. We highlight the careful design of its simple and minimalist packaging and the special flavors of its products, from marigold and bergamot to rosemary and lavender. A delight for the senses available her at & Other Stories.