Ariana Díaz Celma

Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt are the founders of B-B-B-Books, a Stockholm-based independent publishing house specializing on contemporary photography. They joined forces with design studio 1:2:3 to launch such collector’s gems are Europe, Greece, Athens, Acropolis, an arty tribute to the 2012 protest against austerity and cuts, and Wikiland 2007-07-12-00:59:46, a box tribute to Wikileaks whose title bears the Disney calligraphy and whose focus are the facts that took place in 2007 when Reuteurs photographers and other civilians were shot from an Apache chopper in Bagdag. The release of the video shocked the world, in the same way that Klara’s and Thobias’s books shock the most avide and demanding paper collectors. We interviewed them during their visit to the Read or Die fair.


You are both photographers and you have shown your work in several exhibitions. B-B-B-Books, of course, focuses on photography.When did you decide to found a publishing house? Did you think there wasn’t space for certain books?

We decided to create a publishing house to launch things that we wanted without compromises. Books are the raison d’être of B-B-B-Books and the subjects we deal with are the result of a collaborative process.

The co-existence of books creates something unique, it tells something more about the ideas and projects they include.

Each new book collects new thoughts and creates and common environment for other projects.


Who is in charge of what in B-B-B-Books? And do you always work with 1:2:3 for the design?

We are two photographers with just one camera and we also work with 1:2:3, that is, with Axel and Petter. Every time we have a new project, we create the concept together with them. It could be said all our books are collaborations with them.


All your books have a clear political side, though it’s never too obvious. Are you most interested in political issues when it comes to publishing? How do you find the arty part of it?

There’s no denying we’re interested in politics.

We also look at photographs with some preconception based on what’s you’ve learn to look for and on what you expect to find in an unconscious way.

We’re interested in how we understand and interpret the world in relation to how it presents itself to us, how knowledge is produced and which frames with find, that it, the rules of the games.


How would you define independent publishing?

No compromise.

Your logo is a coin with a printed eye. Why?

It’s a secret, but we can say it isn’t as mysterious as it seems.


Why do you think there are so many publishing houses now? What are your favourite at an international level?

Some of our favourte are Discipula Editions (Italy), Gato Negro (Mexico), Colpa press (USA), Terranova and Ca l’Isidret Edicions (Spain).



Your favourite hotspots in Stockholm are…

Dovas Bar, on the Södermalm island.


You’d ban…

Massive tourism


You can’t stop listening to…

Tross, Fiskjägarna and Fire Orchestra.


Good2b means…

Being with friends in Barcelona