Ariana Díaz Celma

Ballesta street is not only about fashion; there is also room for innovative and modern projects aimed at lovers of gastronomy. Kitchen Club widens the offer at the Triball with this versatile space devoted to kitchen-related activities.

Andres Madrigal, holder of Michelin star, is the gastronomic director of this project along with Carlos Pascual, the school’s head chef. He is inspired by Basque gastronomic societies and he has the intention to create a “modern txoco” with an elegant design in keeping with the neighborhood and the clientele. Classes are eminently practical. As they say ?forget about notebooks and pens: you’ll get down to work right from the start.?

Kitchen Club offers cooking workshops: Creative, Japanese, Thai, Mexican, rice or pasta and many more. Of course there are also have bartending courses. After each course they organize lunches and dinners to enjoy what students have prepared. They also provide the space for you and your guests as if it were a restaurant. In this case, you choose the menu and you cook it yourselves with the help of professionals. This initiative is ideal to not to worry about anything and look great. Just send your shopping list and they will take care of the rest.

And if you like how they work, you can also hire them for caterings: they will go wherever you want to the surprise of your guests!

Kitchen Club is thought for you have fun cooking, to have a good time with your friends and feel at home. Bring out the chef in you!


  • Address: C/ Ballesta, 8 Madrid