Ariana Díaz Celma

Kilómetros de Pizza is a gourmet pizzeria serving two-feet long pizzas. The creator of this concept is Jesus Marquina, four-time World Pizza Champion. He serves gourmet pizzas made with exclusive Italian flours and cooked in the world’s largest oven.

The restaurant is very spacious, with large windows and a nice outdoor area. The tables are obviously very long to serve kilometers of pizza.

The key is the artisanal dough, fermented in the restaurant and prepared in a special way so that it is lighter than usual. The menu features options ranging from the classic margarita to sophisticated proposals like wild asparagus with bacon, raw foie on fig jam and basil oil or bresaola with rocket. The menu is completed with starters?salads, calamari, fresh burrata?and desserts?tiramisu, ice creams, chocolate coolant?

As for the formats, you can choose paso pizzas (28 x 28 cm); half a meter pizzas with a unique flavor; one meter pizzas with different ingredients every 50 cm, and two-meters pizzas with up to four varieties.

Fancy devouring a kilometer-long pizza?


  • Address: Avd. de Brasil, 6 Madrid