Bru Romero

We love Asian food. First it was Chinese food and spring rolls, fried rice and bittersweet chicken; then it was all about Japanese food and gyozas, temakis and sushi; and finally it was Nikkei food and its explosion of Japanese and Peruvian flavours, dishes that are different from anything we’d tasted before and which make of any meal a magic experience.

This is what happens at Kena by Luís Arévalo, the door to a parallel world it’s hard to leave.  

The menu includes Lima-style potato biscuit with smoked sardine, lamb sweetbread anticuchos with choclo sauce, lemon fish usuzukuri with ponzu and toothfish jelly with miso and chili, among others. Another option is Luis Arévalo’s Omakase menu in which experimentation and renovation are common ingredients. Located in a small street in the Salamanca neighborhood, here Nikkei food takes a cosmopolitan streak. The ingredients and the techniques are the restaurant’s distinguishing marks. KENA is an adventure of textures and spicy and acidic nuances, where balance and sensitivity is the goal, as well as having guests leave the restaurant happy. KENA has been reviewed in the Michelin GuideGuía MichelínGuía Repsol y Guía Metrópoli in 2015. Enough said.