Cecilia Díaz Betz

This is a clear example that one image is worth a thousand words. What else can we say about this wonderful campaign by Australian designer Karen Walker that you can’t see with your own eyes? The model chosen to represent SS15 line of signature sunglasses SS15 is a dog. But not just any dog. We’re talking about a real celebrity dog called Toast.

This very elegant Cavalier King Charles Spaniel no teeth and tongue fall, has a instagram with a retinue of followers of hop, 160k to be exact

Turns out this very elegant Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, toothless and with a dangling tongue, has an Instagram @Toastmeetsworld with a retinue of 160k followers. And now it’s getting to the top of its by starring Karen Walker’s SS15 eyewear campaign, featuring Karen herself. But Toast’s story is a fairytale. Turns out this popular pooch was rescued from a kennel in 2011 by Josh Ostrovsky, a New York comedian known as Fat Jew, and his wife, Katie Sturino. The story was featured in the media, and Toast started receiving the full support of the fashion industry elite. It sound crazy, but there it is, living a more than decent life now. Karen Walker announced the campaign on her instagram, and Toast’s photo received 5,000 likes. The campaign photos are signed by Tom Schirmacher, and both Walker and Toast look great with their new glasses.