Cecilia Díaz Betz

Today we have come across the exquisite work of German illustrator Eduard Horn. Based in Münster, he specializes in digital art. One day he decided to express his passion for comic superheroes in a brilliant series called Kaleidocomix, a new vision of his fictional heroes that has them metamorphosed by using a kaleidoscope. Lovers of the genre, get ready to get a print!

A new vision of their idols of fiction, appearing to blow kaleidoscope metamorfoseaos

Clearly inspired in 70s illustrations, some of Marvel’s and DC Comics’ iconic characters seem to want to hypnotize us with their new appearance. From a Batman that duplicates himself endlessly, Catwoman looking like an Arabic mosaic and Superman, Spiderman or Flash Gordon in their most surrealist version. Bright colours, reflections and kaleidoscopic shapes are reminiscent of stained glass windows, which lead us to believe that Kaleidocomix shows as much passion for superheroes as some people do for religious cults. Regardless of passions and addictions, Eduard Horn’s work is worth taking a look at. Visit his web for more!